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Base Price free free free
Per standard card free free free
Per memorabilia card $0.50 free free
Per oversized card $1.00 free free
Per graded card $1.50 free free

Note that the base price is a per-cart fee, regardless of the amount of cards. For per-card fee, see the table above.
All prices in US Dollars.

I have tried to be as thorough and precise with descriptions of the cards and their condition. You are purchasing the exact card that is pictured, pack fresh, that I scanned and / or photographed, and then sleeved. The card you see in the picture is 100% the card you'll receive. Cards below $10.00 will ship sleeved, protected by a layer of cardboard on each side of the card in a PWE. Cards $10.00+ will ship sleeved and in a toploader or one touch, protected by a layer of cardboard on each side of the card in a bubble mailer. All purchases will include tracking. I research current private party prices for each card I list (including previous sales of same card here on eBay) and try to stay in the middle with how I price my cards. I'm not trying to gouge anyone or get rich from this hobby. All Sales Are Final. Thank you for looking and I look forward to providing you with cards you want!

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