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Returns accepted within 14 days. Buyer pays the shipping.

Shipping and handling

USA Canada Others
Base Price $0.50 $1.25 $5.00
Per standard card $0.25 $0.25 $0.25
Per memorabilia card $3.00 $8.00 $1.00
Per oversized card free $0.75 $0.75
Per graded card free $1.80 $2.00

Note that the base price is a per-cart fee, regardless of the amount of cards. For per-card fee, see the table above.
All prices in US Dollars.

For the month of November, alll proceeds from this site benefits the USO. Also any overages of shipping that this site might charge will be refunded! Our mission is to provide **realisticly** priced collectables that everyone can afford. I will acept offers automatically, (many ore accepted at 25-50% off) just click and offer, Kronocard will automatically do the processing of the offer. Shipping is only 40 cents plus 10 cents times the number of cards ordered. All cards are shipped, if ordered individually, in stiff plastic sleeves for their protection. Otherwise multiple orders are shipped in bubble wrapped packages.

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